Biljana Martinovska

Biljana Martinovska was born in Struga, in 1977. She was raised in the village of Draslajca where she has finished primary school. She has completed her secondary education at the Gymnasium in Struga and graduated at the Faculty of tourism and hospitality in Ohrid. Her strong desire to become a teacher drawn her to the Faculty of education in Bitola where she has completed her bachelor’s degree and has been entitled a teacher in Macedonian and English language.

Biljana has a hard-working personality, she knows what she wants and she is always following her dreams. She is married and has two daughters. She loves teaching and she enjoys it fully, but is really passionate about reading and writing books as she finds it a way of truly expressing oneself.

She has started writing ever since she was a young student. She had taken part in lots of different competitions in and out of the country.

Her first book “Tocka na vrakjanje” (The Returning Point) was published in 2016. It is a book that was inspired by the author’s personal experience when she had almost lost her life in a terrible car accident. She says that writing about it has helped her go through that period easier and it eventually became her own way of healing.

Her second book “Kukjata so zolta fasada” (The Yellow House) has been inspired by true events. It came out in 2020 as a long process of writing and researching different issues and fields in medicine and psychology.

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