Irena Jordanova

Ирена Јорданова 2

Irena Jordanova (born September 8, 1980) is a Macedonian writer. She graduated from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, the Department of World and Comparative Literature. She lives in Skopje.

Her first novel “In Between” was published in 2008 and this novel was finalist for the prestige national Novel of the Year Award by daily newspaper “Utrinski vesnik”. In 2010 she published her second novel: “The Catalyst 33”.

The critics find her writing style as a fiction with bold self-irony; it is a fiction that shows, at the same time, a broad literary culture and a full range of storytelling techniques. Using different kind of “shifts” she is playing with meanings and allusions. The permanent dialogue between “I and the Other” she is moving everything that is “fixed” in “mobile” creating “new ethic” within the traditional literary norms. In her works there is a predominance of bizarre as aesthetic and ethical element creating original storytelling line

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