Jovan Pavlovski

Jovan Pavlovski (Tetovo, September 10, 1937) is a Macedonian poet, storyteller, novelist, encyclopedist, children’s literature writer, publisher, and long-time editor in various Nova  Makedonija daily sections, its correspondent from Pariz and Moscow. In 1980-1986 he was a professor emeritus of Theory and Practice of journalism on Interdisciplinary studies of journalism at Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. He had been a publisher and chief editor of Makedonsko Vreme (in Macedonian) and The Macedonian Times (in English).

He is the editor and publisher of the first Macedonian encyclopedia “Mi-An’s Еncyclopedia: General and Macedonian”

As of 1992, he is a member of the Macedonian Writers Association, and its president for three terms (1992-94, 1994-96, 2007-08). He is a member of the Macedonian PEN center. He authored about 50 books (first edition).

Poetry books: August (1961), Medea (1969), Identity (1974), Oxidations (1983), Identity Retelling (1985), The Rigor of Living (1988), Recognition: Mature Age (1993), The Last 48 Hours of the Professor of History (1993), Real Change (1996), Kiril Pejchinovich’s Frail Body (2000), Professor’s Fear (2001) and others.

Short stories: Stardust (1978, three editions), Vicinities (1979, three editions), People in Evil Times (1981, three editions), Family Splinters (2004).

Novels: Rajchinovce in Which I Fall Deep (1972, four editions, Racin Recognition), Prostate Juice (six editions, most read book award, 1991), A Freedom Check (Stale Popov Award, 1998)

Novelas: Notebook 1: Dime (2005), Notebook 2: Misha (2005), Notebook 3: Strasho (2005).

Children’s books: Poetry: Misho isho sho-o (1972, Annual Radio Skopje’s Award for best adolescent’s book), On all Sides of the World, only Anas, Anas (1980, Annual Radio Skopje’s Award for best adolescent’s book), Tevedzirka (1994), River-r-r (1996). Prose: A Close Sun (1972, three editions), A Badge (1978, novel, two editions, Annual Radio Skopje’s Award for best adolescent’s book).

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